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Only one slot on my Laptop is working (diagnosed as faulty by a reputable repair shop). And I want to run 16gb ram. My laptop is a Lenovo y580. I know that the laptop does support 16gb but may not support a single 16gb ram module in a single slot. The first thing to do is find out such a module exists. Single RAM but 4 dimms slot: where should i put? | Tom's Hardware... Question Ryzen + RAM strangeness. 2200G + ASRock AB350 Pro 4 + 2x8GB Ballistix Tactical (RGB), Shows RAM as "single channel" and can't control RGB. Can I use 4 gb ram in single slot in dual channel motherboard? All DDR3 motherboards support 4GB module per slot so don’t worry about it also you can always use a single RAM module in Dual Channel motherboard. If you own an age old DDR2 memory motherboard it may or may not support a single module with capacity beyond 2GB (You have to go to motherboard vendor website and check the memory support list.) Single RAM slot upgrade - ifixit.com Using two different ram sizes can work and be fine as long as its the same speed, slot size and voltage. You may be downsized to single channel memory speed like that but would work until he replaced it. And nice to know mayer. I still think Mac users have more questions as its so limited, and annoying to do what you want on it.

Jun 27, 2018 ... Step 1: You'll normally find your RAM's DIMM slots up by the CPU ... Some motherboards will only have one clasp you can actually open, even ...

√ Best Answer. That simply means that the one pair is a dual-channel memory slot, and tho other pair is a dual channel memory slot. Using four (4) 2Gb RAM sticks will give you two (2) pairs of dual-channel memory, but that won't make a practical difference from using one pair of dual-channel memory. What is the difference between 1 DIMM and 2 DIMM RAM Aug 17, 2015 · 1 DIMM means that the ram is being used on one slot of the motherboard, meaning it is a chip of X ram. If it says 2 DIMM it means that the ram is divided between two chips. Example: 1GB RAM 1DIMM=1 RAM chip with 1GB on one slot. 1GB RAM 2DIMM=2 RAM chips with 512MB chip on each slot. Does it matter in which ram slot a ram stick goes in

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Is there a way to add more ram slots without a new mother ... Is there a way to add more ram slots without a new mother bo ... change mother board ..i have two ram but in my laptop only single ram slot please suggest how to add both ram in my laptop or ... What is a Memory Slot? - Computer Hope

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I can run 2 GB of these in single channel mode (slots 1 and 2) perfectly fine. I am finding I cannot get to the BIOS when I have more than 2 GB of RAM by adding a 3rd for 4th stick in the 3 and 4 slots. I have tested and confirmed that all four sticks are working and have the same speed/timings. Installing RAM into a Desktop PC | B&H Explora For instance, it should have 1GB of RAM in one slot, then each successive slot should have been filled with the exact same 1GB RAM module, which would have given me options of 1GB (single 1GB of RAM in first slot only), 2GB (two 1GB modules in two slots, or 4GB (four 1GB modules in each slot). Does dual-channel memory make difference in gaming ... In order to test this, we ran eight modern games on a typical high-end gaming computer, using two 8 GiB DDR3 memory modules (for a 16 GiB total RAM), first configured in single channel (using the ... DIMM - Wikipedia A DIMM or dual in-line memory module comprises a series of dynamic random-access memory integrated circuits.These modules are mounted on a printed circuit board and designed for use in personal computers, workstations and servers.DIMMs began to replace SIMMs (single in-line memory modules) as the predominant type of memory module as Intel P5-based Pentium processors began to gain market share.